Gebi Girnar

Gebi Girnar

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Author: Anantray Raval
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Publication Year: 2010
Number of Pages: 225
Binding: Hard
ISBN: 8177903055


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Gebi Girnar by Anantrai Rawal

આ 'ગેબી ગીરનાર' સિદ્ધ-સાધુઓની અને તાંત્રિક વિધાનું અલૌકિક નિરૂપણ થયું છે. અને જે લોકો સાધના ના માર્ગે આગળ વધવા માંગે છે, તેમના માટે આ પુસ્તક આદર્શ માર્ગદર્શક રૂપ બની રહેશે તેમાં કોઈ શંકાને સ્થાન નથી.ટુકમાં આ પુસ્તક આધ્યત્મિક દ્રષ્ટિએ ખુબ જ મહત્વનું છે.

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Mehul Trivedi
Jun 7, 2016
It's a mind blowing book. When i read i feel that i am also present at that place with raval saheb and enjoying each and every moments of that virtual world. I will more attract to GIRNAR. And i become more hungry to know about THE GEBI GIRNAR. once you started to read, you become more hungry to know that what happens next what happens next. You forgot the time once you started to read. Friends it's my personal experience so choice is yours that
to believe or not.
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snehal joshi
Jun 28, 2016
superb book, person with spiritual beliefs must read it.
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